Do You Wanna Date? And By That I Mean, Do You Want A Date? They’re The Healthiest Fruit


Sorry about the bad joke headline. I promise I’ll never do it again. But really, dates are one of the healthiest fruits you can eat.

For starters, dates are an excellent source of iron. If you’re anemic, you should add dates to your diet. 100 grams of dates contains about 11% of your daily iron needs. Iron is important for producing hemoglobin inside of your red blood cells and determines how well your blood moves oxygen about your body. Pregnant women and adolescents need the most iron.

Dates also help your eyes. They contain lutein and zeaxantine, which help with your eyes and help prevent macular degeneration as you get older.

Dates help regulate your bowel by helping end constipation and diarrhea both. The calcium in dates helps end diarrhea and is good for healthy intestinal flora, and the fiber and juice in dates can help loosen your bowel if you’re feeling stuck.

Dates help regulate your weight by giving you the feeling of being full longer. If you eat a date on an empty stomach, it’ll help your intestines regulate themselves and digest. However, if you consume too many, it can result in weight gain. Dates contain a ton of sugar.

Dates also strengthen your cardiovascular system and reduce high blood pressure making them an excellent choice for improving your overall heart health.

Also, they’re delicious!